Alexa and Google Analytics are showing a different bounce rate- why and how to reduce it

I suspect that the difference in Alexa vs Google Analytics is because of the way that the data is collected.  As far as we know, Google has all of the data that it collects from the actual websites.  Alexa captures information from web surfers with the Alexa toolbar installed, which represents a very small part of the total web surfing traffic.

Alexa provides comparative analytics so that website owners can compare how their traffic compares to other websites.  We have seen many restaurant owners think that they are dealing really well with their online marketing because they have an Alexa Ranking that is significantly better than their competitors.

Alexa differs fundamentally from Google Analytics because Google Analytics provides much more detailed information about the individual website and some comparative information via it’s benchmarking feature.

If you are concerned about your bounce rate, here is some practical advice. First of all, create a usable website that looks equally great on all platforms and devices is the first step in the direction. Carefully watch out how your users behave and what influences their decisions. Speed up your site and to do that you should optimize your images, use a Content Delivery Network, add better caching, and consider switching to a faster hosting provider.

Next, use videos. Videos are highly engaging and grab attention more than text or even images. You can use a fullscreen video as a background, or add it next to your call of action. You can use animations, music, audio, narration, colors, and so many different forms of persuasion tools. You can create a very effective video presentation with a small budget by hiring a freelancer.

Images are another effective tool that you can use to decrease your bounce rate. The reason so many websites use high-quality photographs as fullscreen backgrounds is that they have proven to be very effective.

I hope this text gave you some good tips to reduce bounce rate on your site and increase your conversions.