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Traffic is the blood cell of any website and hence traffic-less websites can be considered as a dead site. What about you? Are you struggling to get targeted traffic to your website?

You are in the right corner of the web and this blog will introduce you with the best website traffic generator- Babylon Traffic. It will end your struggle regarding getting traffic to your website. Now, I highly recommend going through each and every word of this article.

There are more than half a billion active websites under the sun and most of the (almost 70%) of them struggle to get traffic due to the high competition and expense of the process like SEO or Digital Marketing. However, you can simply buy targeted traffic from mentioned quality traffic generator at any time you want! Every paid ad campaign is an attempt to get traffic in exchange for money. However, the reasons behind getting traffic are pretty different from each other. Some people buy traffic to get sales, some buy traffic to get leads, some buy traffic for brand exposure, some buy traffic to gain authority and improve rank on several metrics and so more.

When it comes to traffic for sales or leads it varies from industry to industry and country to country, on top of that it requires other complex processes that are suitable only for the advanced paid traffic masters. Getting traffic at huge volume from this high-quality traffic tool will surely improve your ranking on several web metrics which will definitely increase the trust and authority of your website in the eyes of visitors. High ranking metrics will result in getting your site on the top position of several charts and people usually go through these lists to discover new sites and hence you will be getting referral traffic as well. Some of that traffic may be your next big client or loyal reader of your blog.


Find out which one is the best and cheapest paid traffic source for affiliate marketing

If there’s one guarantee with affiliate marketing, it’s that you need the traffic to get people’s eyes in front of your offers. Traffic can be segregated into two categories, free and paid. A lot of new marketers spend a lot of time debating which is best to use.

The truth is that a combination of free and paid traffic is probably the best way to see what works best for your business model. When it comes to paid tools there is no better than Babylon Traffic. One thing for sure, each of the traffic sources I explain in this post have worked for me to promote affiliate offers.

Personally, my approach to affiliate marketing usually involves either a website/blog or landing page. However, there are certain traffic sources that facilitate direct linking. Answering questions on Quora is one of them. Others include Google Adwords and Bing Ads. But, perhaps the most targeted free traffic you can get is from Facebook groups. There are two ways of doing this, either using your own group or using other people groups. The key here is building a relationship with your audience. Last but not least we have YouTube. Many internet marketers have said that YouTube prints money, and for affiliate marketing, this is certainly true. The main reason is that on a video you can build a strong relationship with your audience by using your voice and face.

To become successful with affiliate marketing, it’s a process of trial and error until you find what works for you. Every product, niche and marketer are different and certain traffic sources may be more conducive to success than others.

It’s important to remember that SEO is still the best free traffic source to use for affiliate marketing. So with that in mind, I would suggest you try out some of the traffic sources in this list to find out what works best for you.


Discover the best traffic bot to generate views on the website

Today, in the digital era, the Internet is positively riddled with traffic generators. They range from low-quality auto refresh bots using proxies to appear as though they come from around the world, to sophisticated traffic exchange systems powered by real people and real advertising. Ideally, you’ll strike upon the most valuable of these networks when you’re searching. Legitimate traffic exchanges are few and far between, that’s the main reason why I will devote full attention to only the best of the best.

In my personal opinion, the best traffic bot generator is Babylon Traffic without doubt. The services they sell are far from typical, and they work because they put a lot of time and effort into them. A unique flower in the world of traffic generators, Babylon Traffic – offers a variety of features like geo-targeted traffic, page views, reducing bounce rate, improving your time on site, webcam traffic, referral traffic and so much more. They don’t use low-quality bots, and customer reviews and feedback are highly praiseworthy. Their software will provide unique traffic from all over the world and human visits only to your website or blog. These visitors are Google analytics and monetization safe by which you will be able to boost your site rank in google search and Alexa. Thus these can be called as the best and Cheapest Traffic Bots available on the internet.

Regardless of the type of business you have or whom your work with, Babylon Traffic can help you generate website traffic that is predictable and controllable. Some of the positive sides of using this top-notch tools are:

  •                 Help you with your overall monthly traffic stats
  •                 Improve your Google search engine ranking
  •                 Build the number of Indian visitors to your website
  •                 Get more visibility in all major search engines

Based on my personal experience, I would say there is no better tool then Babylon Traffic.

Attract thousands of new visitors to your blog

Your email list is comprised of people who successfully visited your site at least one time. So it’s the perfect platform to get more traffic back to your site. They know you already. They liked your content enough to subscribe to your email list. So they are more likely than anyone else to head back to your blog a second, third or tenth time.

Email your list when a new blog post is released and encourage them to read the blog. If your email is enticing, they are likely to click through the link to read your new post. More traffic for you!

A lot of people make the mistake of only tweeting their blog posts once or twice. That’s a huge blogging no-no. A huge portion of your Twitter followers won’t see it, especially those that don’t live in the same time zone as you. Make sure all of your Tweets have hashtags.

Advertising costs may not fit within your budget. But if you’re looking for an easy way to get more website page views, consider spending a few dollars on Facebook advertisements that direct people to information-rich blog posts that resolve a common problem your target audience struggles with.

Most importantly, spend time writing blogs that are incredibly detailed, informative, and actionable. We used to think that blog posts shouldn’t be longer than 500 words or so. That’s just not true anymore. Great blog posts can range anywhere between 700 words to 3000.

Quality over quantity, of course, but don’t leave your readers feeling like they still have unanswered questions. Detailed content leaves readers feeling happy, satisfied, and excited to come back for your next blog post later on. Detailed blog posts also make it more likely that your readers will share the blog with their audience, granting you more exposure and increasing traffic to your blog. It’s a win/win for everyone.

The best thing you can do as a blogger spends time trying new things and experimenting. Your website page views won’t automatically skyrocket, but they will steadily climb if you make an effort to implement new strategies, stay consistent and try out some of the best traffic sources out there (for example Babylon Traffic).

How to create a traffic bot?

More and more people are using traffic bot to increase the number of views on their own website. There are many reasons to this, including improving his bounce rate, the number of page views per visitor, display advertisement, etc. But how to do it?

The Easy Way

At, we try to make your life easier. This is why you can create your own traffic bot in some seconds only! You can subscribe right now if you want to test the tool for free!

Then if you need to configure a special behaviour (scroll, click on links, wait to watch a video, etc.), you can. Just have a look on the help page for this.

The Hard Way

You could configure yourself a bot with a plugin like imacros. You could configure imacros to visite a website X times, using a different IP each time (for example you could use the API of The main issue with this is that your will use always the same browser, so it’s quite easy to detect. And you are going to send all the fake traffic at the same time and use all the power of your laptop. It’s free, but not really easy…

The Developper Way

Maybe you heard about Selenium? You could install it on a server, configure it properly, buy some IPs (see for this), and code it so it launches itself each X minutes. Developping with Selenium is not really hard, but between the server part, the network part and the code, I hope you have a really good knowledge to handle all this.

Example of the code to visit a webpage in Node.JS:

var webdriver = require('selenium-webdriver'), driver;
driver = new webdriver.Builder().
    'browserName': 'chrome',
    'platform': 'Windows XP',
    'version': '43.0',
    'username': username,
    'accessKey': accessKey
driver.getTitle().then(function (title) {
    console.log("title is: " + title);

Six Black Hat Seo Techniques That Works!

The Black Hat techniques in the SEO market come and disappear as soon as Google create a new filter. But here is a list of six black hat techniques that still works! So Enjoy!

PBN or Private Blog Networks

The main techniques, used a long time ago, doesn’t really work anymore. You know need to have links to your own website, but no reciprocal, neither A->B->C. So here come the technique of the PBN. It’s simply a group of website (mainly build on WordPress, a blog system) owned by only one guy, that he uses to make links to his main website (money website). The added-value is really interesting because the owner can control exactly the links he is building, the time he add them, etc. Google is against this technique, so it has to be used really carefully: multiple IPs, no footprints, etc.


This techniques is used on the detection of the profile of the visitors on your website: it’s a Google bot? Display an optimized version with a lot of interesting keywords, hide the useless links, etc. It’s a visitor? Display more advertisement. Cloaking is really hard to fight for Google, because it’s quite easy to know who is visiting your website. You can by example display the optimized webpage only to the visitors of a forum, or directly from a Google Search. And to show this optimized page, do it in Javascript, so Google will not understand exactly how different it is from its point of view.


Tired of creating “good quality” content? Why not scrape well not website, and build a new website from these data? Pretty sure you have already seen all this “phone number directories” or this “stackoverflow like” website? Well, it’s that!

Link Buying

This techniques require more money, but it’s the more discreet one! Simply contact (or use a marketplace) to buy some links in your niche. The price varies in function of the quality of the page you place the backlink. It’s from $50/month to some thousands…

Expired domains

This techniques still works, but for how long? Why do not enjoy the power of an old domain, now expired, because the owner gave up his website, or simply forgot to renew it? You will have a website already indexed on Google, with thousands of links, in less than 5 minutes! Be careful to use expired domains of the same niche of the website you are going to build. And if you don’t want to build a new website from scratch? Well, a 301 redirection to your money website could be okay.

Parasite Hosting

All the others techniques are legal, but Google don’t like them. This one is not, you shouldn’t use it. But just for information, here is how it works: find a website with a security hole. Hack it, and add some pages that are going to benefit of the power of the main website. Display advertisement on theses pages, or simply a link to your website!


Create your own bots!

Welcome on, the tool to create your own bots! Here is a quick presentation of the interface of the tool:

What is it for?

Cheateo send fake traffic to the web page of your choice, can fill form, listen soundcloud song, videos, or click on advertisement!

How it looks like?

The first step when you arrive is to create a new project. We recommend to use one project for one website. Here is my own list of projects:

Then you have to create a bot (or many bots) for each project. The interface to create the path of the bot looks like this one:

Here the bot will first go a Then on a directory of my choice (so the owner of this directory think it’s a real visitor from Google). Then he clicks on my website, so I improve my rating in the “Top Hits” page. Once on my website, he choose randomly to click on one of my partner (so this guy will think I send him a lot of visitors!), or on an advertisement (so I can earn my 10 bucks!). Once on the page of the advertisement, the bot click on whatever links he found (.*) randomly.

After some days and some tests, I can check my log and see how many fake visits I sent!


That’s all for today! Enjoy our tool. 😉

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