Instantly and automatically drive
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What is Babylon Traffic?

Babylon Traffic is your one stop solution for getting the huge quantity and cheap traffic you always need. Babylon Traffic enables you to drive millions of visits, from hundreds of countries and any devices you want.

With an easy-to-use advanced behaviour control, you can configure the exact path your visits should follow. From bounce control, time on website, page views, clicks or the ability to fill a form, Babylon Traffic's Web Traffic Generator delivers everything.

Presentation of Babylon Traffic

How does Babylon Traffic work?

"Babylon Traffic's Website Traffic Generator was built with simplicity in mind:
Marketers and Business owners can start sending thousands of visits to any website in just 2 minutes!
Add a website
Step 1: Add the website you want
Select countries
Step 2: Select the location of the visits
Configure behaviour
Step 3: Configure their behaviour
Boom! Thousands of visits get sent to your website automatically!

Get 30,000 visits for €!

Get 30,000 visits for €! Start now! See all our plans

What can you do with Babylon Traffic?

Improve your Google Analytics

Babylon Traffic's Website Traffic Generator opens up a door of website traffic and visibility goals for you.

  • Buy Traffic for any website
  • Get Traffic from any country
  • Drive Mobile Visits
  • Decrease Bounce Rate

Watch Babylon Traffic in action!

Get 30,000 visits for €!

Get 30,000 visits for €! Start now! See all our plans

Suite of Traffic Bot features

Babylon Traffic's Website Traffic Generator boasts traffic generation and management features every website owner and marketer will love. These features have been designed in line with the needs of traffic generation a modern website needs.

Work on all website!

Drive Traffic to literally any website in the world!

Automatic launches

Get traffic even when you are sleeping

Configure behaviour

Configure the exact behaviour of the visits

Choose origin's country

Select country of origin

Choose mobile/desktop visits

Choose between desktop and mobile visits

Schedule the traffic

Schedule the traffic on your website

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