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Social media has taken the internet by storm. In fact, a majority of company websites get a large portion of traffic from social media posts. Search engines, like Yahoo and Google, take social media links into account when they rank your website on search engine results pages. This makes links on social media a good way to increase your Alexa rank.

As a result, mixing social media into your SEO goals is ideal. That said, how do you increase social media traffic to your website? Here are some tips that can turn your company's social media accounts into an increase in referral traffic to your main website.

Fill In Your Social Media Profile

Regardless of which social media platform you use, filling out your profile is important. When you make interesting posts, people are likely to click on your profile page. You want them to have all the information about your business. Don't overwhelm them with information. Tell them a little about your business and hours of operation. Also, include a link to your main website because it will increase page views.

Determine Your Audience and Their Interests

A good social media plan doesn't include only ads or information about products. You want to link to other parts of your website as well. In doing so, visitors will spend more time on your site. You can increase time on your site by linking to blogs and pages that have interesting information that people want to read. This quality information can reduce bounce rate because visitors are more likely to click on other blogs or to see what services you offer.

When you make social media posts, include information that's relevant to your target demographic. If you sell video games, for example, your posts should be related to the video game industry in some way. It won't do much good to post about cars or other industries that gamers don't care to hear about.

Make Your Website Content Easy to Share

To successfully increase social media traffic, you can't be the only one who shares links on social media sites. You want visitors to repost or link to your content on their social media pages. The easier that your content is to share, the more likely that people will be to share it.

On your blogs, add a button that allows readers to share the content you publish. For instance, you can include a retweet button on your blog. By clicking this link, readers can directly add their own comments and share a link to your site on Twitter. The more links that they share, the higher that your rank will rise on search engine results pages.

Post When People Are Active

Posting a link to your content early in the morning or late at night will result in fewer views than if you post the link during the afternoon. You want your content to show up on social media sites when your target demographic is most active.

However, each social media site has a different active time. Did you know that most people are active on Twitter in the late afternoon at around 5 p.m.? The busiest day for Twitter is Thursday, so posting on that day at around 5 p.m. will likely get you the most views for your posts.

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