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If you run your own website and use Google Analytics, you've probably noticed the term "organic traffic." If not, you might be wondering how organic traffic differs from referral, social media or direct traffic. You may also want to know if you can buy organic search traffic in a bid to increase how your site ranks on search engine results pages.

What Is Organic Search Traffic?

Basically, organic traffic describes visits to your website that occur as a result of organic queries performed on search engines. For example, if someone searches on Google for a keyword and clicks on your site from the results, that person is considered organic traffic.

Organic traffic boosts your site's rank on search engine results pages. That said, it isn't the only factor that determines your rank. In fact, it's one of hundreds that search engines use to rank websites.

Can You Buy Organic Search Traffic?

When unlimited traffic bots first emerged, they could provide as much traffic as you wanted but couldn't improve your organic traffic. Thankfully, that's no longer the case. Now, you can buy traffic that appears to be organic to search engines.

The trick is that the bots can generate keyword targeted traffic. They can use keywords to search for your website on search engines. Like real people, the bots click on your site from the search results, which boosts your organic traffic.

When you buy clicks to your website in this manner, search engines count it as organic traffic. it's different from paying for advertisements on search engines. When you pay for advertising space, search engines count the clicks as paid traffic. While paid clicks can boost your ranking slightly, they don't boost it as much as organic traffic.

Local Organic Traffic

Another benefit of traffic bots is that they offer geotargeted traffic. They make it possible to buy geo targeted traffic from anywhere in the world. That's because they can appear as if they're anywhere when they search for your site. This makes it possible to buy USA targeted traffic to improve your local SEO.

Search engines take geotargeted traffic into consideration when they rank websites. Thus, having traffic bots search for your website from any place in the world is a real boon for your rank on search engines.

Keep in mind that bots use long-tail keywords when they search for your site. These keywords have become more popular because people use speech-to-text searching more frequently. More and more consumers speak into their smartphones to search the web. As a result, you want your keywords to be long and filled with more details. They should reflect how people actually talk.

Organic Traffic That You Can Buy

Thanks to improvements in bot technology, you can buy Indian targeted traffic or any kind of traffic that you need to improve your rank on search engines. Do you need to buy webcam traffic? What about traffic to your online store? Regardless of which kind of traffic you need, you can count on bots to deliver it to you. Best of all, they can improve the amount of organic traffic that your site receives.

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