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What is Babylon Traffic and what can you do with it?

Babylon Traffic is your one stop solution for getting the huge quantity and cheap traffic you always need: It enables you to drive millions of visits, from hundreds of countries and any device you want!

Babylon Traffic's Website Traffic Generator software opens up a door of website traffic and visibility goals for you.

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Best Website Traffic Generation Features

Babylon Traffic's Website Traffic Generator is the tool every website's owner and marketers will love. These features have been designed to meet the needs of traffic generation a modern website needs.

Work on all website!
Drive Traffic to literally any website

The key to open the floodgates of website traffic is in your hands now. From business websites, blogs, e-commerce, landing pages, Babylon Traffic allows you to get as much traffic as you like on as many websites as you want! Just add your websites, numbers, and the type of visits you want and boom!!

Work on all website!
Control Traffic Behavior

What if you could dictate what each visitor should do on your website? With Babylon Traffic, you can! You are in complete control of what each visitor should do: Clicking a specific link, filling out lead generation forms or set referrers, you got everything covered and in control with Babylon Traffic.

Automatic launches
Automatic Launches

Babylon Traffic's Traffic Generation Software automates the process of sending traffic when, where, and how much you want it. Just set it up once and it will automatically keep sending traffic to any website you want at the schedule you choose.

Automatic launches
Geo Targeted Traffic

Driving traffic from your preferred country has never been easier. Babylon Traffic provides support for getting traffic from all countries in the world. You can choose to have traffic from all over the world: USA, India, Europe, ... anywhere!

Work on all website!
Attract Mobile and Desktop Visitors

Babylon Traffic empowers you to drive traffic from all types of visitors regardless of their device. Drive traffic from mobile and desktop users simultaneously. Control the ratio of mobile and desktop visitors through an easy-to-use traffic management interface.

Automatic launches
Manage and Control Schedule of Visitors

Want to drive traffic just at a certain time of day? Babylon Traffic's Traffic Management puts you in control of the time you want to send in your traffic. Select the date, times, and the number of the visitors you want and Babylon Traffic will follow the process.

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