What is the bounce rate?
How to reduce it?

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What is the bounce rate and how to reduce it?

The bounce rate is a marketing metric that allow you to judge the quality of your traffic. It's the the percentage of visits of visitors to visit only one page and then leave. For example, if you have 100 visitors on your website, 20 of them visit just one page and quit, the rest of them visit at least 2 pages, your bounce rate will be 20%.

It could be interesting to check it depending of the source of your traffic. If the bounce rate a partner provide is high, maybe you should cancel this partnership? On the opposite, if the bounce rate for a special keyword for visits from Google is really low, maybe you should focus on this keyword!

Bounce Rate

What is a good bounce rate?

There is no real answer to this: It depends of your niche. But here are some figures about our own statistics.

Content Website
Content Website

The goal of a content website is to provide the answer to a visitor, and then having him to click on an ad. A bounce rate of 60% is still pretty OK.

eCommerce Website
eCommerce Website

Visitors on ecommerce websites should visit many pages before buying a product. The lowest bounce rate is the better. One of less than 20% is pretty good.

Local shop
Local shop

People looking for local shop are looking for what the shop is doing (so they will visit many page), or just a phone number or menu. A bounce rate of 40% is correct.

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