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What are the pageviews/user and how to increase it?

The number of pageviews/user is the average numbers of pages each of your visitors will visit. A pageviews/user of 2 means that on average, each visitor visit two pages on your website. But this could mean as well that half of your visitors visit just one page (so you have a bounce rate of 50%), and the other half 3 pages.

There are many ways to increase this number: The classic one is to add on all of your pages a section named "You could be interested by" with links to others pages/products on your website. An other one could be to split your content pages in small pages.

Increase page views

What is a good number of pageviews/user?

There is no exact number for this. Usually the more you have, the better. But for example if you have mainly traffic from Google (SEO Traffic) and visitors directly find the good information they are looking for, you will have a pageviews/user of 1, which is perfect. On the other side, if you have an ecommerce website and want to sell products, usually the funnel page of a visitor will be the following:

Homepage -> Search -> Product -> Add to cart -> Sign up -> Pay -> Thank you

So you should have a number of pageviews/user of at least 7, or even more if you want to sell more products, or because people are usually looking for more than one product before choosing one.

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