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What is Babylon Traffic?

Babylon Traffic is your one-stop solution for getting the huge quantity and cheap traffic you always need. Babylon Traffic enables you to drive millions of visits, from hundreds of countries and any devices you want.

With an easy-to-use advanced behavior control, you can configure the exact path your visits should follow. From bounce control, time on website, page views, clicks, or the ability to fill a form, Babylon Traffic's Web Traffic Generator delivers everything.

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Our Features

the simplest way to buy automated traffic at a low cost.

Custom Campaigns

Customize the behavior of your visits and get it exactly the way you want it.


Get targeted visits from specific countries and cities using our residential proxies.

Traffic Source

Choose anything: from a website of your choice, a specific keyword, direct access, or social media.

Fast & Reliable

Campaigns are started in seconds after you activate them, and will run 24x7.

No Fingerprint

We deliver visits from thousands of different browsers, mobile and/or desktop.

Support Fanatics

We are by your side 24x7x365. Our team of customer support specialists is ready to respond to all your questions and concerns.

How does Babylon Traffic work?

We built Babylon Traffic's Website Traffic Generator with simplicity in mind:
Marketers and Business owners can start sending thousands of visits to any website in just 2 minutes!

Setup your account

Create an account, choose a plan, and fill your payment information.

Create a campaign

Add any website, configure the behavior, choose the location.

Instant deliver

That's it. You can now check all the visits going to your website.

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