About The project in 10 seconds

Because becoming visible on the web is harder and harder, we created Babylon Traffic to give you a hand. We used it on our own during many years, before to think that YOU could need it. We give you some ideas of how to use our tool (fake referrers, pages views, fake bounce rate, etc.), but the only limit is yourself! Here you will find some informations about the product.

New Features! September 2017
Lot of improvements these last months: you can now configure the referrer, choose the country and language of your bot, launch it up to 1000 times a day, etc.!
Rebranding September 2017
To be cleared in what we offer, the name of the product change! Its old name (Cheateo) disappear to let space for the new one: Babylon Traffic!
New Features! January 2017
Your bots can now fill form and click on special element (via a CSS Selector)!
Official release October 2016
After many months of beta, we added dozens of new features, fix lot of bugs and did great improvements! The product is not in beta anymore!
New Actions December 2015
Thank you for your feedback! We take it into account, and we added new actions your bot could do: scroll down and wait/
Beta Version November 2015
After some weeks of tests, the product is almost ready: welcome in the beta version!
New features September 2015
Our alpha users asked us new features and improvements. All of them are now in production !
We are launched ! June 2015
Babylon Traffic is founded. The first version is reserved for alpha testers.