Best advertising options to widen your reach

While you have a number of paid advertising options, the three most effective options by today’s standards include:

  • Google Ads
  • Social media advertising
  • Influencer marketing

Formerly known as Adwords, Google Ads is a pay-per-click advertising service that enables you to gain visibility on the most-used search engine in the world as well as its network of ancillary websites. Needless to say, becoming visible on Google can be huge for your business.

While social media provides several opportunities for companies to engage with their target audience members organically, brands can also pay to generate visibility on these platforms, as well.

Amazingly, over three billion people have at least one social media account registered to their name – with eleven people registering for a new account every second.

More importantly for our purposes, the major social media platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) are chock-full of individuals looking to engage with their favorite brands (as well as new ones).

Facebook, with over 2.2 billion monthly active users, it’s almost guaranteed that individuals within your target audience are scrolling through their Facebook feed at pretty much any given time. Compared to Instagram Facebook’s cost-per-click is relatively cheap, hovering around $0.97 worldwide. Companies operating on a budget may want to consider Facebook as a frontrunner for their social media advertising initiatives – especially when you consider the sheer size of the audience they’re bound to reach through said campaigns.

When partnering with influencers, you need to be 100% certain that the partnership doesn’t appear phony or out-of-place in the slightest. Look to partner with individuals who would actually want to engage with your brand, all business aside. Not only will this allow you to work together to generate authentic content, but it will also allow you to tap into a new audience that will actually be interested in what you have to offer. Remember: the goal is to widen your reach, increase your traffic with a quality tool such as Babylon and to widen your reach to consumers who will become paying customers in the near future.

Great affiliate programs for adult CPA marketing

These are the highest paying adult affiliate networks. They will help generate a lot of revenue.

Plus, these best adult networks can target multiple devices such as desktop, Android, and iOS. You will find plenty of adult offers that pays on SOI, DOI, Pin-Submit, and subscription model.

CrakRevenue is a leading and well-recognized adult affiliate network. In fact, CrakRevenue has over ten years of experience in affiliate marketing.

CrakRevenue has always worked with the utmost dedication and has made every effort to offer better features to its customers. This has led CrakRevenue to become one of the best revenue generators for adult industries.

AdxXx is another high paying adult advertising network covering six continents and over 180+ countries. AdxXx is in the advertising market for last ten years.

It’s recognized as one of the pioneering adult affiliate & digital marketing company. It’s one of the best adult affiliate networks in the world. AdxXx has completed many CPA projects successfully.

Cpamatica is one of those best adult affiliate networks that’s passionate about affiliate marketing and offers proven adult affiliate programs.

Moreover, Cpamatica is also recognized as one of the leading CPA, CPS, and CPI networks in the affiliate market.

Cpamatica is focused and dedicated to helping out affiliates, advertisers, media buyers, and agencies to achieve striking results, and grow their profits many times higher.

Leadbit is a leading affiliate network that was started in 2012. It is based in London. Leadbit is very popular in Asia, Latam, as well as in Europe. It has the highest payout rates for publishers.

Leadbit has different verticals such as CPI offer, Gambling, Adult, NutraCOD, Sweep stokes, 1-Click Flow, Trials, etc. Leadbit offers 24/7 customer support. In fact, Leadbit has many remarkable features.

Offer high-quality content that meets your visitors’ needs. Give them a reason so that they would feel to revisit your site. The more visitors you get, and with Babylon Traffic that doesn’t represent a problem, the higher is the income you’ll receive. It will influence your CTR and conversion rate.

Here, we list out some more points that will help you succeed in adult affiliate marketing:

  • Loading Speed. It’s a ranking factor in search engines.
  • Don’t work with just one affiliate program. Find several decent ones and be safe from the risk if any one of them disappears for some reason.
  • Choose a lucrative marketing sphere such as an adult.

Genuine paid traffic sources

Google Ads– It’s the most popular search engine in the world. And yes, this one was incredibly obvious, but it had to be said, nevertheless. When you consider the devices your audience uses, you know that Google has its finger in almost every metaphorical pie out there.

You’ve got so many advertising options to choose from, as well as a relatively low cost per click rate.

YouTube– When you talk about YouTube, you talk about a whole new audience. These people genuinely care about content, and not just any content – video-based content.

With banners, videos and text, you get a decent range of formats to choose from. Additionally, since its available in more than 70 countries, you can bet that you’ll get to target your advertisements to various demographics.

Facebook– Whether your a newbie or a seasoned marketer, this is a fantastic place to source your traffic. The thing with Facebook is that its so easy to use, that even if you know absolutely nothing about advertising, you’ll still be able to find your way around.

Some people do have negative opinions about Facebook’s current situation and believe that the site’s popularity has died down in recent times. However, as things stand it still remains a good place to invest, though you would probably want to explore other avenues, just in case.

Instagram– Here’s where you’ll find a large number of “millennials”. All your targeted campaigns will be run through Facebook, and as a bonus, you’re not required to have an Instagram account to run a campaign on Instagram.

One of the cons of this kind of advertising is limited formats. Given that Instagram is a visual-based platform you can only use videos or images to get your message across.

Take a full usage of these paid traffic sources and in combination with Babylon Traffic, you will see results in no time. In addition to choosing the right paid traffic sources to run your ad campaigns, you also need to focus on the basics of marketing.

A great CTA, effective copy and good graphics, all go a long way in getting the most out of your investment. If you’re using content to source traffic, then you have to ensure that its top-quality material that has the ability to stand out amidst the clutter that prevails. If you don’t find success after experimenting with multiple sources, its time to re-evaluate your strategy.

Drive traffic to your website with these practical steps

To drive traffic to your website, it’s important to be a student of SEO. Learning SEO tools such as Google Analytics, Ahrefs, SEMrush, Babylon Traffic, and many more will help you develop a strategy to generate traffic to your website.

These tools will help you learn and analyze what’s working on your site and what isn’t. Plus, these help you come up with ideas for content that has the potential for high traffic.

Besides tools, social share buttons are a great step toward attracting more traffic. They are links that make it easy for your readers to share your content on social media. When your readers become promoters of your content, your traffic will increase.

Once you’ve created your social share buttons, how do you get people to share your content? Here are a few tips to get started:

  • Ask people to share on social media
  • Create strong content
  • Include quotable content
  • Add multimedia such as images, videos, infographics, etc.

In that same vein, writing guest posts can generate traffic to your site. Guest posting shows you’re active in your community, while also linking to your website — more on generating backlinks below.

To implement a guest posting strategy, you need to find a site that would be a good fit for your company, draft a blog post, and then write a pitch.

Using your current readers and customers is a great way to drive traffic to your website. When you post a new blog or content offer, you can promote it to your followers/subscribers for a quick traffic boost. With content-heavy websites, having repeat readership is helpful for traffic goals, conversions, and lead generation.

To get started with this, build an email list or grow your current list.

Promoting your email newsletter on social media, whether through a post or contest/giveaway, is a great way to convert your current followers into subscribers.

If you’re struggling to get traffic to your website, you’re not alone. Implementing the steps and tools above can help you increase your traffic as soon as possible.

Free Traffic sources for marketing

Google– Organic search is obviously the grand emperor of all traffic. It’s free, it’s bigger than Ben Hur (bigger than Facebook and Instagram combined, 3.5 billion searches are made each day), and it’s targeted. People searching for your topic are obviously very interested in your topic – that’s why they’re searching for it! This obviously means that it is hotly contested. The battle for top search result spots is the fiercest battles in modern-day internet marketing.

Facebook groups are a way to genuine free traffic on Facebook. You don’t have to pay Facebook for people to see group posts. Not everyone will see all the posts, it will depend on their engagement with the group. You can get pretty good organic reach with groups.

You can post links and offers in Facebook groups too. The only problem is, you have to look after the group.

If it is a public group, you will have all sorts of people spamming all sorts of things in the group. You might have to do a lot of deleting and blocking to stop it becoming a spam fest (since other marketers understand that Facebook groups are a free traffic source too).

Youtube is a big scary beast and is growing more and more. Soon it will take over the whole damn internet!

Facebook is moving more and more towards video (on both Facebook and Instagram via IGTV) because they see it as a  future battleground. Google and Facebook are the two internet Goliaths and video is where they will be fighting their fiercest battle.

If you can make decent videos and put them on Youtube, you can get traffic from it. It’s that simple!

As many people say, traffic is the lifeblood of any internet marketing business. You also need ways to convert that traffic. But with no traffic, you don’t even have a chance of a conversion. I actually like using a mix of free and paid traffic.

Top SEO tools that you should use to increase your website’s visibility

The struggle of choosing the right SEO tool is very real, especially if SEO is not something you’re overly familiar with, but still want to reap the benefits of.

And you definitely do want to reap the benefits. While product discovery via social media is rising, a search is still the key platform of choice, with the majority of consumers still turning to Google to find relevant info.

Each tool has its own pros and cons and will help you improve your performance. Take a look at the list below there’s sure to be at least a couple that’ll catch your interest.

Google Search Console is the place where SEO begins, as it lets you see your website through the search engine’s eyes. You can check that your pages are findable, crawlable, indexed and re-indexed if needed. You can also monitor error reports, pull traffic and backlinks data, as well as a range of other invaluable insights.

Google’s PageSpeed Insights will check your site load times on desktop and mobile. Simply enter the URL you want to analyze and the tool will provide you with a performance score: 90 or above is assigned to fast pages, 50 or below to slow ones. Anything in between is considered average performance.

WebSite Auditor is a great tool for detecting blind spots which can result in poor performance in search results. WebSite Auditor’s free version lets you analyze up to 500 URLs, calculating overall website statistics along the way.

With this tool, you can detect indexing and crawlability pitfalls, examine link structure, run thorough on-page SEO audits, master content optimization – the list goes on and on.

Google Ads’ Keyword Planner is irreplaceable for keyword research and in-depth analysis. The tool enables you to spot new keyword opportunities and measure their potential, in order to select the ones that’ll bring you the most traffic.

Google Analytics- the tool is the ultimate data source for user behavior insights. Knowing the specifics of where your audience comes from, and how they interact with your content, is one of the most valuable insights a marketer can get.

But with the mentioned tools and with a tool called Babylon Traffic, even the smallest of efforts will start to pay off. Start exploring with the tools that don’t cost you anything, but still do the job brilliantly. This way, you’ll be able to improve your results, at the price of your time only.

How to make money with Adsense

AdSense is a good way to make money online and it is perhaps the easiest method provided that you have a good amount of quality traffic coming to your website.

I cannot give you an exact number because the amount of money you can make depends on the earnings per click (EPC) and click-through rate (CTR), but I don’t run AdSense on websites that have less than 300-400 unique visits per day.

In general though, the more traffic you have, the more money you can make with AdSense and there is no better tool to increase your traffic than Babylon.

Also, AdSense loves content-rich websites. Content can be of any kind (text, images, videos), and provided that it does not violate the AdSense content policies.

It is suggested though to have text content on the pages so that the AdSense crawler can understand what the page is all about. AdSense is more suitable for websites that publish articles, case studies, how-to guides (like this one) and blogs.

Having a rich-content blog with content that helps people learn something or accomplish a specific task, is one of the best ways to make money with AdSense. If you don’t already have a blog, the resources below will help you get started.

While AdSense is a great way to monetize a website, websites that are made for the sole purpose of running AdSense ads are not favorable by Google.

You can use AdSense to make money from an established blog that has lots of traffic and visitors.

You can also use AdSense to make some extra money from your website while selling your own products and services, but it’s not a very good idea to make a blog and start publishing mediocre content for the sole purpose of getting organic visits and then run AdSense to make money. In the past this model may have worked, but not anymore.

Traffic sources that will help you attract targeted adult traffic to your website

Choose the high-traffic website that has a narrowed, relevant audience of the similar demographic you’re trying to reach, a network that resonates with your niche, or simply pick sophisticated traffic source called Babylon.

Also, never spend your money all at once (rather spend little by little, embrace split testing to see what brings you results, start by covering a wide segment, then analyze your ROI and perform further segmentation to drive the biggest profit possible; never rely just on your hunch – analyze real performance);

It’s always good to snoop around the competition (explore what your successful competitors are doing and pick up the patterns; if they invest time and money in placing a banner on a certain website for a significant period of time, follow their example)

Taking in mind all of this, it’s also important not to view media buying as a sure gain. Buying media is not a shortcut, but a campaign that requires a strategic investment of time and money – sometimes even mind-blowing amounts of money (some webmasters charge up to $50.000 for advertising space on their sites). Focus on developing relationships with those who own important and well-visited channels, as you can benefit from connections more than you probably assume. When you find a satisfying website to place your banner, negotiate the price and conditions. It is almost an art to find the balance between the price you pay and the performance of the offer you’re looking to promote.

There are literally dozens of ways to attract new site visitors to your adult dating affiliate website. Whenever you start crafting marketing campaigns, ask yourself the following three questions: who are you trying to reach, where and how are they used to interacting online, and what is your end goal. Embrace the trial and error approach and try to be organized. Planning goes a long way.

How to rank higher on YouTube

Remember that YouTube and Google can’t watch or listen to your video (yet). That means that they heavily lean on the text surrounding the video to understand your video’s topic. Well, the more YouTube knows about your video, the more confidently it can rank it for your target keyword.

But more importantly, YouTube uses keywords in the description to rank you for super-long tail keywords. Ranking on YouTube is great, but ranking your video on YouTube and Google is even better. Although Google gives YouTube videos an inherent edge in the SERPs, that’s only true for certain keywords. These keywords are called “Video Keywords” because they tend to have video results on Google’s first page.

Online communities like Quora and LinkedIn groups are fantastic places to funnel traffic from. The thing is, most communities don’t take too kindly to someone dropping links to their content all over the place. But they’re usually open to people sharing helpful YouTube videos, like yours! Because the number and quality of your video views are one of the most important YouTube ranking factors, getting views from targeted communities works wonders. Just find a question in the community that your video could help answer. Then provide some value and suggest that people watch your video if they want more information

Because YouTube’s algorithm doesn’t use backlinks, it puts A LOT of weight on user experience signals. If people enjoy watching your video, expect it to crush it in YouTube search. Subscribing and liking are two of the most important user experience signals that YouTube uses. When someone likes your video enough to subscribe after watching it, it sends a strong message to YouTube that you have a killer video on your hands. Likes are much less important, but they still count. You can ramp up both of these user experience signals by asking. At the end of your video, give people a strong call to action that encourages them to subscribe.

I hope these practical tips will prove beneficial for you. Based on my personal experience, I found the most success when I combine them with a quality traffic tool such as Babylon.

Check your competitors website traffic

Checking website traffic of your competitors is an effective way to find out what’s working and what’s not working on any niche. Here is the ultimate list of tools that you can use to check website traffic of your competitors or any website of your choice for completely free.

SimilarWeb is a fantastic way of checking any website traffic for free. You just have to go to their website and type in your desired website name to find out the traffic levels of the site.

It not only provides you the most competitive insights about any site but also gives you ranking insights for any website.

You will not only get the traffic stats of any website, but you will also get the details of how many pageviews it is getting, how much time every visitor is spending, referrals, bounce rate, social influence, etc. you will get almost all the results. That’s fantastic information you could get from a free website traffic checking tool, right?

Serpstat is one of the best competitor research tools which is also a great (and affordable) alternative to premium tools like SEMrush because their pricing plans start just at $69 per month. This tool can also be used as a blog traffic checker as it provides you the “Domain Analysis” feature which gives you all the details of any website or domain (including your competitor’s websites).

From now on,  use the above tools to check any website traffic. Don’t rely on just one website traffic checking tool, spend your time on trying out different sites, then find out yourself which is giving you the close numbers.

You need to know what traffic your competitors are generating if you are into the field of digital marketing or blogging. And you know, this information is so valuable, based on it you can see where you stand among your competitors and by using high-quality tools like Babylon you can grow your traffic and sales and eventually outperform them.