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How can Babylon Traffic send traffic so quickly?

Babylon Traffic has been engineered with scalability in mind. Thousands of machines are deployed around the world, coordinated in an infrastructure that provides immediate results at the click of a button. Everything has been automated and optimized and the clients get fast and many visitors.

Created by professionals and experts in the IT field, our algorithms are finding the shortest path to the websites through the backbone of the internet. While doing so, we keep the network overload to a minimum.

How it works

How does Babylon Traffic work?

"Babylon Traffic's Website Traffic Generator was built with simplicity in mind:
Marketers and Business owners can start sending thousands of visits to any website in just 2 minutes!
Add a website
Step 1: Add the website you want
Select countries
Step 2: Select the location of the visits
Configure behavior
Step 3: Configure their behavior
Boom! Thousands of visits get sent to your website automatically!

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"Don't you have the time to organize complex AdWords campaigns that will cost money and waste your health?
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Advantages Babylon Traffic

Choose a country – any country;

Fully automated process that doesn't require any technical expertise;

Control the flow of the traffic – select the desired pages, links, polls or anything else that you would like to focus on;

Increase the views on your targets;

Make a loved one happy – show them that their blog or website is appreciated and popular;

Clean the floor with your competition – they won't know what hit them and you will gain an advantage.

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