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Why use Babylon Traffic?

Babylon Traffic is your one stop solution for getting the huge quantity and cheap page views you want. Babylon Traffic is a traffic generation software that provides everything you need to deliver page view traffic. With the software, you can send an unlimited stream of page view bots traffic to any website or web page you want.

With Babylon Traffic, you don't have to wait months and years to see an increase in page views and the overall marketing effectiveness. Just tell how much page views you want and when you want it, and Babylon Traffic will do exactly as you asked.

How it works

How does Babylon Traffic work?

"Babylon Traffic's Website Traffic Generator was built with simplicity in mind:
Marketers and Business owners can start sending thousands of visits to any website in just 2 minutes!
Add a website
Step 1: Add the website you want
Select countries
Step 2: Select the location of the visits
Configure behavior
Step 3: Configure their behavior
Boom! Thousands of visits get sent to your website automatically!

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Advantages Babylon Traffic

Increase AlexaRank — More page views means higher rankings in Alexa. With the geo targeting you can get pageviews from a specific location hence increasing rank for that particular region.

SEO — Get higher rankings in your Google country (India, USA or others) and in local searches as well!

Marketing Metrics — Decrease site bounce rate by navigating the page views internal to the website as well. More pageviews and more internal page visits results in decreased bounce rate.

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